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Jonathan Keighley - 25th May 1750 - O045

Scriven with Tentergate, Linen Weaver

To my daughter Ann Keighley my real estate in Knaresborough where I now live with the close called Gales End, now occupied by Thomas Burnand, when she reaches 21. Should she die before then, then the same to my wife Mary Keighley.

To my wife Mary the close called Gales End.

To my sister Susannah Lemmon 5.

To my five nephews John Patrick, Joseph Patrick, David Keighley, James Keighley and Dennis Keighley, 1s each.

To my wife and daughter Ann, all my household goods, my stock in trade and utensils, and appoint then Executrixes.

Witnesses : James Collins, Christopher Swainston, Bainbridge





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