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John Turpin - 23rd April 1736 - O046

Ripley, Gentleman

To my brother Philip Turpin the house and garth that was my mothers, called Workhouse House, chargeable with an annuity of 50s to my sister Dorothy Harrison; this is in addition to the annuity of 20s left her by our mother, Ellen Turpin. Her husband Robert Turpin is to have no power over this money.

At her death, my brother is to pay 50 to her four children; this is to be in addition to the 20 left them by our mother. This 50 to be split : 15 each to my nephews Richard Harrison and John Harrison; 5 to my nephew Robert Harrison; 15 to my niece Ursula Harrison.

To my nephew John Turpin of Ripley, son of my brother Thomas Turpin, the house and land I bought from Mr Dowgill and William Ridsdale, chargeable with 50 to my nephew William Turpin, and an annuity of 40s to my sister Ursula Turton. Her husband is to have no power over this money. At the death of her husband the annuity to increase to 3 and should she remarry this to revert to 40s.

At her death I give an annuity of 20s to the poor of Hampsthwaite.

To my master John Ingilby and to his son John Ingilby, Esquire, and his daughter Margaret Ingilby, one guinea each to buy mourning rings.

To my sister Elizabeth Turpin, William Coates of Ripley, my brother Philip and his wife Mary Turpin, one guinea each for mourning rings.

To my sisters Ellen, Dorothy and Ursula, one guinea each to buy mourning coats.

To Mrs Mary Stockwell my diamond ring.

Residue of my real and personal estate to my nephew John Turpin of Ripley, whom I appoint Executor.

I appoint William Coates of Ripley, and my sister Elizabeth, as Trustees.

Witnesses : Robert Hardisty, William Hardisty, William Cook

Probate 27th December 1752





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