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Jonathan Holmes - 2nd March 1753 - O048

Thornthwaite, Parish of Hampsthwaite

To my wife Rebecca Holmes, whom I appoint Executrix, the cottage now occupied by Margaret Bake, chargeable with an annuity of 2 to my mother Jane Holmes. Should my wife remarry during the lifetime of my mother, then she is to give up the cottage and land to my mother who is to pay her 100 a year after her remarriage. Likewise, my mother to have the property on the death of my wife.

At the remarriage/death of my wife and the death of my mother, the same to go to my cousin William Holmes, of Thornthwaite.

Should my wife have a child by me after my death then the same to the child at the age of 21, and I appoint my cousin William as Trustee

To William Petty, son of my cousin Hannah Petty, wife of John Petty of Snowdin, Loriner and Farmer, 20 when he reaches 21. This 20 to be paid by my Executor to William Holmes in Trust, he paying the interest to my cousin Hannah for the maintenance and education of her son William. Should William die before inheriting, the money to be divided amongst the other children of Hannah.

Witnesses : Matthew Hall, Christopher Johnson

Probate 23rd May 1753





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