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Isabel Myers - 1st December 1752 - O052


Myself and my husband, Arthur Myers, did, on the 29th May 1751, surrender a house and land called Back Close, Wood Bush, Bottom Close, Broad Dale, Laiths Close, Kettlesing Field, Day Mowing, Three Rood, Annas Ing, and paddock with some pasturing called Armhole and Bottom Close Head, containing 8a and 2pennyworth, situate in Kettlesing in the Hamlet of Felliscliffe

I give the above property to my son Arthur Myers and his wife Elizabeth Myers.

At their death the same to my grandsons Thomas Myers, Robert Myers, and William Myers.

Some years ago I surrendered part of the premises to my husband Arthur Myers. He may continue to use them for the rest of his life.

Witnesses : Anne Reynard, William Myers, William Simpson

Inrolled 13th June 1753





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