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Grace Wilks - 10th May 1754 - O060

Knaresborough, Widow

To my son Thomas Wilks 20. Also a further 30 six years after my death. Should he die before then, then this amount to be divided amongst his children when they reach 21. Should he have no children then it is to be split : 20 to my son Henry Wilks, and 10 to my daughter Ann Wilks.

To my daughter Ann 40 when she reaches 21. Also all my household goods and furniture.

To my son Henry 60 when he reaches 21.

My Executor to pay one guinea to my daughter Jane Shepherd for mourning.

The residue of my real and personal estate to my brother Thomas Ward of Butterhills and Margaret Webster and appoint them executors.

Witnesses : John Pattrick, Elizabeth Webster, Charles Baynes

Probate 31st December 1754 and Inrolled 1st January 1955





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