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John Hill - 7th December 1754 - O076

Rattan Row, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

To my son John Hill the house in which I now live, and also the closes called Farr Field, Low Close and Wheat Close, and the pasture that adjoins the property of William Cockson.

At his death the same to his son John Hill. Should he also be dead then the same to his brother Henry Hill. Chargeable with £50 divided amongst his brother and sisters at the death of his mother. Also chargeable with an annuity of £2 to his mother Hannah Hill.

To my son John the house which was lately occupied by Mary Tempest, with the one close, chargeable with £20 to my daughter Jane Reynard. Also chargeable with £10 to the Trustees for the poor of Thruscross; this being part of the money William Jeffrey left to the poor.

Also to my son John the close called Haver Closer, or Meadow Close, on the esat side of Mawkin Cross.

To my son William Hill my Freehold property at Whinney Hill, now occupied by my son John, chargeable with £10 to my grandson William Myers, and £10 to my grandson Joseph Myers when they each reach 21. Also chargeable with an annuity of 5s to my son-in-law Thomas Myers until my grandson Joseph reaches 21.

To my grandson John Reynard £5.

Whereas I have given £20 to be paid by my son John out of the property lately occupied by Mary Tempest to my daughter Jane; in reality my son William is to pay this amount out of my personal estate, and if there is any argument amongst any of my legatees then this shall be decided by my brother Arthur Myers and my neighbours Gilbert Bake, William Hardisty, and Paul Hardisty.

To my son William the press in the house where my son John lives and appoint him to act in every matter in Peter Oddy’s Will.

To my grandson John Hill the long chest in his father’s chamber.

The residue of my goods and personal estate to my son William whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : William Myers, William Holmes, Robert Joy

Registered at the West Riding Registry of Deeds, 9th July 1755 in AK 515 684





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