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Joseph Bramley - 3rd February 1755 - O078

Timble, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

[Top left hand corner of Will missing]

To my wife ???? Bramley my Copyhold estate until my son Peter Bramley becomes 21.

Should my wife die or remarry then I choose my brother Henry Bramley and give him power of Trustee. If my wife remarries before my son reaches 21 then she is only to receive 5s.

When my son Peter reaches 21, Henry is to relinquish the Trust to my two sons Irish Bramley and Peter, and I give them :

To my elder son Irish, the east end of the house and parlour, and to my son Peter, the west end of the house and parlour. The land is to be equally divided between them. They are to pay, between them, an annuity of 40s to my wife.

My sons to pay my daughter Hannah Bramley 10 when Peter reaches 21. They are also to pay 15 to my daughter Jane Bradley when Hannah reaches 21. My daughter Jane to receive an annuity of 5s from her brothers, until she reaches 21.

Residue of my goods and chattels to my wife, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Henry Bramley, Susanna Jeffray, Robert England





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