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Professions - Occupations - Trades - Status


This is a list of all the professions/occupation/trades/status of the Testators in the Knaresborough Wills - This may help to dispel the popular misconception that you had to be "rich and a land-owner" before you need to make a Will. Many of the Wills I have indexed have belonged to persons with less than 5 to dispense; and certainly no land :

Apothecary, Auctioneer

Bachelor, Baker, Barber, Baronet, Basket Maker, Blacksmith, Bookseller, Boots, Bowl Turner, Brazier, Brewer, Bridle Bit Maker, Bridle Cutter, Builder, Butcher

Cabinetmaker, Cardmaker, Carpenter, Carrier, Carver, Clerk, Clockmaker, Clogger, Cloth Dresser, Clothier, Coachmaker, Collier, Confectioner, Contractor, Cooper, Cordwainer, Corn Dealer, Corn Factor, Cotton Manufacturer, Countess, Currier, Cutler

Dish Turner, Doctor, Draper, Druggist, Dyer

Esquire, Excise Officer

Farm Servant, Farmer, Farrier, Fellmonger, Flax Dresser, Flax Merchant, Flax Spinner, Flour Dealer

Gamekeeper, Gardener, Gentleman, Gentlewoman, Glazier, Governess, Grocer, Groom

Hackney Carriage Proprietor, Hairdresser, Hatter, Horse Dealer, Hosier, Hostler, Huckster, Husbandman

Innholder, Innkeeper, Ironmonger

Jeweller, Jobber, Joiner

Labourer, Land Surveyor, Lime Burner, Linen Draper, Linen Manufacturer, Linen Merchant, Linen Weaver, Lockmaker, Lodging House Keeper, Loriner

Machine Manufacturer, Maltster, Manufacturer, Mason, Mercer, Merchant, Miller, Milliner, Minister



Painter, Paper Glazier, Patten Maker, Pawnbroker, Plumber, Porter Merchant, Postmaster, Pot Merchant, Publican


Raff Merchant, Ropemaker, Roper, Rug Maker

Sadler, Schoolmaster, Servant, Shoemaker, Shopkeeper, Sieve Maker, Silversmith, Single Woman, Skinner, Slay Maker, Smelter, Soldier, Spinner, Spinster, Spirit Merchant, Stationer, Stone Cutter, Stone Mason, Stone Setter, Stuffmaker, Surgeon

Tailor, Tallow Chandler, Tanner, Tea Dealer, Timber Merchant, Tinner, Tinplate Worker, Trunk Maker

Vicar, Victualler

Waiter, Watchmaker, Weaver, Wheelmaker, Wheelwright, Whitesmith, Widow, Wood Valuer, Woodman, Woollen Draper, Woollen Weaver, Workhouse Master, Worsted Weaver



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