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William Gaunt - 26th February 1749 - P031

Kirk Deighton, Yeoman

To my wife an annuity of 5, also my house in Kirk Deighton, now occupied by Robert Ellis, shoemaker.

To the two daughters of Anthony Jackson, of Newton, which he now has by my daughter Jane Jackson, 25 each.

To my daughter Jane 60.

To Richard Wincup and Ann Wincup, children of Richard Wincup, by my daughter Sarah Wincup, 20 each.

To my daughter Sarah 10.

5s each to John Hill, Leonard Hill, Dorothy Tasker, the wife of Mark Tasker, Elizabeth Bacchus, wife of William Bacchus.

To Ann Gaunt the eldest daughter of William Gaunt of Ingmanthorpe, 50.

Residue of my real and personal estate to my son William Gaunt and daughter Ann Gaunt. At their death my copyhold estate at Harrogate to go to William, the eldest son of William and his heirs. If none then to his sister Dorothy Gaunt and her heirs. If none then to Ann, the eldest daughter of William Gaunt of Ingmanthorpe.

To Elizabeth Gaunt, daughter of William and Ann Gaunt, after her parents death, all my real estate in Kirk Deighton. Should she have no heirs, then the same to her sister Phoebe Gaunt.

I appoint my son William, and daughter Ann, as Executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Parker, John Reynard, Dorothy Hall

Inrolled 12th April 1758





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