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Ann Britain - 15th August 1758 - P037a

Knaresborough, Spinster

To David Richardson of Knaresborough, Innholder, 5.

To Dorothy Richardson, wife of David, 10 and my [named items of clothing].

To Frances Glover of Knaresborough, widow, 5.

To Jane Glover, daughter of Frances, 10.

To Mary Brown of Knaresborough, widow, 5, and my new night gown.

To Ellen Ingham and Isabell Crooke, wife of William Crooke of Knaresborough, 5 each.

To Catherine West, granddaughter of Ellen Ingham, my pink coloured silk night gown.

To Elizabeth Simpson, wife of John Simpson of Knaresborough, [named clothes].

Residue of my goods, chattels, and effects, to Elizabeth Willoughby of Knaresborough, and appoint her Executrix.

Witnesses : Thomas Richardson, John Holiday, Thomas Mann

Inrolled 6th September 1758





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