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John Jeffray - 17th June 1752 - P041

Great Timble, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

To my three nephews John Irish, William Shepherd, and Stephen Shepherd, whom I appoint as Executors, one house, two barns, a stable, an oven-house, and other outbuildings, and several closes [named] totalling 4 acres, chargeable with my bequests.

To my sister, Elizabeth Irish, £10.

To my nephew’s son, Charles Frankland, £5.

To my niece, Susanna Westwood, and her children, £12 to be shared amongst them.

To Anne Barber, the widow of Thomas Barber, £15 to be shared with her children.

£5 to be shared amongst the children of William Shepherd.

To Jane Irish, the wife of John Irish the elder, £12. Should she die before me, then the same to be shared amongst her children.

To John Shepherd, Francis Shepherd, and Susanna Shepherd, the children of the late Francis Shepherd, £4 each.

To John Sharp, the son of William Sharp, £6.

To Mary Sharp, the daughter of William, £14.

To Mary Sharp, the daughter of Robert Sharp, £1.

To Elizabeth Waddington, the wife of John Waddington, £6.

To Jane Irish, the daughter of Robert Irish, £5.

To John Tiplady, the son of John Tiplady, £20.

To Richard Tiplady, the son of John, £5.

To Mary Tiplady, the daughter of John, £5.

To my nephew, John Irish, £2.

To Matthew Irish, Henry Irish, Anne Irish, and Jane Randal, the children of John Irish the elder, 10s each.

Witnesses : John Jeffrey, William Jeffrey, Robert England

Probate 14th March 1759





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