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Thomas King - 16th October 1758 - P042

Castley, Parish of Leathley, Paper Glazier

To my wife, Jane King, whom I appoint Executrix, all my household goods, the use of my house, and the profits from my Copyhold estate at Padside in the Parish of Hampsthwaite.

At her death, my Copyhold estate to be sold to meet my legacies :

To my nephew William Armitage, 10.

To my nephew John Carr, 10.

To my nieces Ann Armitage and Mary Armitage, 10 each.

To my own nephews and niece, William King, Thomas King, and Hannah King, 10 each. Should Hannah die before inheriting, then the same to my niece, Sarah Pawson.

To my niece Sarah Pawson, 10. Should she die before inheriting, then the same between my nephew and niece, Moses Pawson and Jane Pawson.

To my nephew and niece, Jonathan Todd and Diana Todd, 10 each. Should Diana die before inheriting then the 10 to be shared : 5 to Jonathan and 5 to be divided amongst Thomas Cawood and Grace Cawood, the children of Mary Cawood.

To my niece Mary Cawood, 10.

I appoint William Armitage and my nephew, John Carr, as Executors in Trust.

Witnesses : William Hartley, Abraham Hartley, John Leyland

Inrolled 14th March 1759





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