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John Gallon - 16th October 1758 - P046a

Knaresborough, Mercer

My newly built house in Beechill , and my house and premises (now converted into a dye house and press house) near the River Nidd, in Knaresborough, to my son Richard Gallon, chargeable with an annuity of 12. Also my press house and all my trade utensils to my son. Also 300 when he reaches 21.

My burgage house in High Street, Knaresborough, now occupied by Robert Bramley, Richard Houseman, and others, to my son Percival Gallon, chargeable with an annuity of 6.

The above two annuities to my wife, Elizabeth Gallon.

The remainder of my lease on some acres in the long flatt at Knaresborough, to my son Percival. Also 200 when he reaches 21.

My house in Knaresborough, now occupied by William Jennings, Joseph Hammond, George Simpson, and others, to my wife Elizabeth. At her death, the same to my son Percival.

To my brothers-in-law, John Bowes and Mathew Bowes, and my partner, Joseph Andrien, one guinea each to buy a ring.

To my daughter Grace Gallon 200 when she is 21.

All my wholesale and retail stock to my wife, along with all my personal estate, chargeable with the above legacies, and appoint her Executrix.

Witnesses : Richard Wilkinson, Robert Thompson, Charles Baynes

Probate 12th November 1759. Inrolled 21st November 1759.





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