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Henry Bean - 4th September 1759 - P052

Killinghall, Gentleman

My Copyhold property at Killinghall to Rev Reginald Bean, son of my brother Reginald Bean of North Perrott in Somerset.

The water corn mill called Knox Mill standing on the deep of Oak Beck, now occupied by John Jackson as tenant, to Rev Reginald Bean, chargeable with all my legacies.

To Letitia Bean, daughter of Rev Reginald, £5.

To Susanna Partridge of Hazelborough, £5.

To Annthe Ingland, wife of George Ingland, £5.

To Ellen Wardman, wife of Samuel Wardman of Killinghall, £10 10s.

To Ann Wardman, William Wardman, Mary Wardman, and Robert Wardman, children of Samuel, one guinea each.

To Ellen Wardman, daughter of Samuel, £6 6s.

To George Wardman, the elder, of the Hollings, butcher, £2.

To John Benson of Killinghall, labourer, 10s.

To Ann Wilson of Killinghall, Widow, 5s.

To John Jackson of Knox Mill, £5 5s.

To my tenant, Thomas Lambert, one years’ rent of his farm, this being £2, and that he be allowed to continue to farm there.

To Partridge Minton of Hazelborough, one guinea.

To Isabel Cowgill of Killinghall, 5s.

To Thomas Smith of Hirst, Parish of Hampsthwaite, £5 5s

My tenant, Samuel Wardman, to pay all funeral expenses and dole for the poor, and that my Executor to give him sufficient money to do this.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to Rev Reginald Bean, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Craven, Richard Craven, William Craven

Inrolled 9th July 1760





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