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William Layton - 28th January 1758 - P058

Knaresborough, Gentleman

Whereas I own a burgage house in Knaresborough, and a copyhold house, which I bought off Edward Ayrton, in Knaresborough, and a pew in the Knaresborough church I give these to my wife. She may also have use of the furniture and my horses and chaise. Also 150.

At her death the same to Francis Shepherd the younger. These premises to be chargeable with 50 each to Richard Shepherd and Frances Shepherd, his brother and sister.

By Surrender 25th January 1758, the copyhold property I give to my wife, chargeable with an annuity of 70 to her.

My other real estate I give to my nephews James Brown of Leeds, carpenter, and Charles Brown of Leeds, merchant, chargeable with all my debts and legacies :

An annuity of 16 to James Brown, father of my nephew James. At his death this annuity is to pass to his wife Rebecca Brown if she survives him. At the death of them both, and if their daughter Rebecca Williams is still living, she is to receive an annuity of 8.

An annuity of 16 to Jonathan Farrer. At his death this annuity to pass to his wife Sarah Farrer if she survives him.

Annuities of 4 each to Richard Topham and Elizabeth Topham, his sister.

100 each to Mary Williams and Elizabeth Williams, daughters of Rebecca, and payable after her death.

200 to Alice Brown, on the death of her parents, James and Rebecca.

100 each to the children of Jonathan Farrer and Sarah Farrer, after their death, and on each reaching 21 - William Farrer, Samuel Farrer, Ann Farrer, and Elizabeth Farrer.

To William Topham, son of the Rev Christopher Topham, 50.

To William Layton, son of Andrew Layton of Ipswich, Clerk.

If William Brown of Knaresborough, should leave a son by his wife Mary Brown, then he is to have 50 on attaining 24. Also, to their daughters Mary Brown and Ann Brown, I give 50 each.

To William Bastow, son of Jeremiah Bastow, of Wakefield, Esquire, 50.

To Thomas Horncastle, son of Martha Horncastle of Leeds, Widow, 100.

To Joshua Askwith and James Askwith, sons of William Askwith of Leeds, 100 each on attaining 24.

To Philip Dixon, George Dixon, Ann Dixon, Sarah Dixon, and Jane Dixon, the children of Philip Dixon and his wife Sarah Dixon.

To James Collins, son of James Collins, 20.

To William Hutchinson, son of William Hutchinson of Goldsborough, 20.

To Sarah Guisley, daughter of the late John Guisley, 10.

To Percival Gallon, son of John Gallon, 10.

To Lomas Hucks, son of William Hucks, 10.

To Edward Horner, son of the late Benjamin Horner of Leeds, 10.

To John Pullan, son of William Pullan, 10.

To Mrs Elizabeth Layton, of York, 10.

To Mrs Temple of Richmond, 10.

To my late servants, Richard Wrightson, Thomas Randall, and Thomas Craggs, 5 each, and to Richard Lambert and his daughter Ann Lambert, 10 each.

To William Craggs, son of William, 10 on attaining 21.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate, to my nephews James and Charles, whom I appoint Executors.

I appoint my friends Francis Shepherd the elder, of Knaresborough, and Francis Shepherd, junior, his son, and William Hutchinson, of Goldsborough, Supervisors of my Will.

Witnesses : James Collins, Francis Bedford, Edward Bainbridge





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