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Arthur Myers - 15th July 1762 - P081a

Felliscliffe, Linen Weaver

To my grandchildren Thomas Myers, Robert Myers, and William Myers, all the corn tithes from my land at Felliscliffe, the reversion of which was given to them by their grandmother Isabel Myers.

To my grandsons Robert and William my estate at Cold Coats in Felliscliffe, which I bought off John Umpleby containing a house and 4Ĺ acres of land. Also the corn tithes from that land.

To my nephew William Myers, £20 when he reaches 21, chargeable to the above property.

I appoint my nephew William Hill and Jonathan Milner as Trustees and Executors, and to receive the income from my real estate and to apply it for my grandson Williamís maintenance and education.

By a pre-marriage agreement between my wife Elizabeth Myers and myself, she is to receive an annuity of £3. this is to be charged to my copyhold property.

All my goods, chattels, and personal estate, to my Trustees, to settle all my debts, and the residue to then go to my grandsons Robert and William.

Witnesses : Samuel Myers, James Wardman, William Simpson





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