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Christopher Umpleby - 26th April 1762 - P082

Clint, Tailor

To my wife Jane Umpleby all my real estate at Whipley Moor, Clint.

At her death, the same to my son Richard Umpleby, chargeable with :

10 to my son William Umpleby.

15 each to my daughters, Jane Kay, Jane Parker, Ann Adinlay, and Maudlin Umpleby.

1s to my son Christopher Umpleby.

Residue of my goods and chattels to my wife and my son Richard, and appoint them Executors.

Witnesses : Ralph Groves, Joseph Thackeray, Ralph Robinson

Inrolled 29th December 1762.

Written on back of Will : 1 ancient building and 5 close of land (2 closes called Hay Fields and 3 closes called High Fields), with 1 barn. Total being 2a, and occupied by Joanna Umpleby.





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