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James Dobby - 7th July 1761 - P084

Killinghall, Husbandman

My house and land, now occupied by William Gibson and myself, to John Dobby, son of my father Christopher Dobby.

At his death, the same to Christopher Dobby, son of John, chargeable with an annuity of 20s to Henry Dobby, of Knaresborough.

The house and shop, now occupied by Matthew Hardcastle, with the land called Pettaya Garth, to Isabel Cowgill and Mary Hardcastle, the wife of Matthew Hardcastle.

At the death of both of them, the same to John Dobby, and at his death to his son Christopher.

To William Bland of Killinghall, my house and land now occupied by Robert Waite.

To Thomas Dobby, of Hampsthwaite, the close at Craghill, now occupied by Richard Broadbelt.

10 to Enoch Dobby, the son of Andrew Dobby.

5 to James Dobby, son of Enoch.

1 to Mrs Dobby, widow of Henry Dobby, of Nidderdale.

10 to Mary Doufel, daughter of Sara Doufel, of Ripon, who once lived with me.

8 to Edward Cook of Linton.

To James Dobby, son of John Dobby, late of Killinghall, who went into the Army, 5 if he returns to England within 5 years after my death. If not, then 5s, and the 5 to be divided between his brothers and sisters, John Dobby, Henry Dobby, Ann Dobby, Rebecca Dobby, and Jane Dobby. They area also to receive 1 each one year after my death.

1 to Sara Dickinson of Harewood, Widow.

1 to Ann Barker, wife of John Barker.

1 to Mary Gibson of Weeton, Widow.

1 to the sister, to whom I was godfather, of Henry Dobby of Knaresborough.

Residue of my estate to William Bland of Killinghall, and Thomas Dobby of Hampsthwaite, whom I appoint Executors.

Witnesses : William Bradfield, John Broadbelt, Thomas Lund

Probate 26th January 1763. inrolled 9th February 1763





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