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Thomas Pawson - 3rd November 1763 - P092

Hardisty Hill, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

My real estate to my niece Ann Wray, wife of Thomas Wray, chargeable with my debts and legacies.

Nicholas Stead in his Will gave the interest on 5 to the poor of Fewston I confirm this payment and it is to be charged to my estate.

To my servant Lydia Gill an annuity of 1 10s. Also my best bed and bedding, a tea table, 3 pewter dishes, 4 pewter plates, 3 chairs, 2 silver spoons, a tea kettle. She may live, rent free, in my house till Mayday next, and be allowed sufficient fuel for that period, and milk from the cow and sufficient hay to feed same.

To Ann Brotherton, daughter of Joseph Brotherton, 10.

To Samuel Mirfield the younger, of ????, 5.

To Joseph Calvert of Otley, Butcher, 1 1s.

To Ellen Mirfield, daughter of Christopher Mirfield, 1 1s.

To Rebecca Beecroft, wife of Thomas Beecroft, 1 1s.

To Rosamond Gill, wife of Matthew Gill, 1 1s.

To my brother John Pawson, 5s.

To my sister Eleanor Boak, 5s.

To my niece Mary Bentley, wife of Robert Bentley, 5s.

To my nephew Thomas Boak, 5s.

Residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate to my niece Ann Wray of Sulphur Wells, and appoint her Executrix.

Witnesses : Robert England,William Pullan,Benjamin Ward

Probate 9th November 1763





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