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George Bentley - 24th April 1763 - Q008

Pannal, Gentleman

My farm, Lead Hall, at Pannal, with all the land and buildings, now occupied by Richard Fairburn, and my other farm at Pannal, now occupied by Thomas Freeman, to my daughter Penelope Bentley, chargeable with my legacies.

To my daughter Penelope my share of th tithes on the two farms.

To my daughter Anna Bears, the interest on 40. At her decease, this principal sum to be shared amongst her children.

To my son Robert Bentley an annuity of 12, at the rate of 1 per month, chargeable to my Copyhold farm at Pannal, now occupied by Benjamin Beek.

To my son William Bentley the above mention Copyhold farm. Also all my tithes (less those given to my daughter). Also the newly built house at Pannal, now occupied by William Hudson and Thomas Webster, chargeable with an annuity of 3 to my son Robert (again, paid monthly).

The residue of my estates to my wife Mary Bentley, and son William, and appointing them Executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Coopland, Thomas Clark, William Wailes

Probate 27th March 1765





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