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Robert Clark - 10th January 1765 - Q009

Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite

All my copyhold and freehold estate to any issue of my wife Ruth Clark. Should there be no issue, then the same to my brothers-in-law, Robert Petty, Samuel Bradley, and William Medley.

My two cottages at Menwith Hill, now occupied by Jane Wray and George Graham, with the adjoining garth, to Jane Wray. At her death the same to my three brothers-in-law.

The new smithy at the bottom of Darley Carr, along with the adjoining garden and turf house, all now occupied by Stephen Gill, to Stephen Gill. At his death the same to my three brothers-in-law.

The cottage at the bottom of Darley Carr, now occupied by John Fairburn, with the intack close and all other buildings, to my wife Ruth. At her death the same to my three brothers-in-law. Also £200 to my wife. Also [named items of furniture].

To Jane Wray, £2.

I forgive Samuel Iles of Bland Hill, Parish of Fewston, the £6 19s he owes me.

I forgive William Rogers of the hamlet of Birstwith, all his book debts.

I forgive John Wigglesworth of Thornthwaite, all his book debts.

I forgive Joshua Kay half a year’s rent of his farm.

The residue of my estates to my three brothers-in-law, whom I appoint as Executors.

Witnesses : Isaac Leedam, William Potterlain, Christopher Johnson

Codicil - 28th January 1765

To my wife Ruth [more named items].

To my cousins Joseph Clark, Robert Clark, Ann Clark, Dorothy Clark, Isabel Clark, the daughter of my uncle Joseph Clark, Joseph Wray, Sarah Sinclair, Susanna Gill, Bella [blank], Jonathan Wigglesworth, and Sarah Hardisty, two guineas each.

To my cousins Jane Wray and Isabella Wigglesworth one guinea each.

To Elizabeth Benson, widow, of Darley, £1 8s.

To Sarah Iles of Bland Hill and her three sons Thomas Iles, William Iles, and Samuel Iles, two guineas each.

[Remainder of Codicil concerns items of clothing, and the following names/relationships are shown]

John Clark, brother; Joseph Fairburn; Joseph Waite; Stephen Gill; Joshua Kay; William Boocock; William Waite; Peter Priestley; John Doe; Aaron Parker; William Leaf; Samuel Iles; William Iles; Samuel Reynard, uncle.

Witnesses : Samuel Reynard, Christopher Johnson

Inrolled 21st August 1765





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