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James Gerrard - 2nd June 1765 - Q010

Bilton with Harrogate

To my wife, Mary Gerrard, the close called Horse Pasture (3a 2r 3p).

To my children James Gerrard, Mary Gerrard, and Thomas Gerrard, the house, stables and other buildings with the closes called East Cow Pasture, Five Days Mowing, West Alder Head, Near Copyhold Close, Far Copyhold Close, East Copyhold Close, in all, totalling 18a 1r 34p and now occupied by John Dearlove, at Bilton with Harrogate.

The residue of my estates to my wife, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : William Lupton, Richard Wood

Probate November 1765





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