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Peter Metcalfe - 30th October 1764 - Q015

Menwith Hill, Parish of Hampsthwaite

My copyhold property at Menwith Hill, in which I now live, to my son Thomas Metcalfe, along with the adjoining land. Chargeable with 150 to my five younger children Richard Metcalfe, Peter Metcalfe, Mary Metcalfe, Joseph Metcalfe, and William Metcalfe.

My sons Richard Metcalfe and Peter Metcalfe to have the two garths next to Joseph Greaves garth, together with the bleaching house.

The cottage and barn at Cobby Syke, Parish of Fewston, to my wife Susan Metcalfe.

To my sons Richard and Peter, 10 each.

To my son Joseph, 20.

To my two grandchildren, Joseph Metcalfe and Mary Metcalfe (children of my son Peter), 5 each when they reach 21.

Residue of my personal estate to my five younger children.

[Household goods then divided by item/name to his children, with residue to his wife].

I appoint my son Richard as Executor.

Witnesses : John Metcalfe, William Holmes, Christopher Johnson

Inrolled 9th April 1766. effects under 20





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