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Thomas Watson - 29th June 1766 - Q019

Brown Bank, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

To my daughter Jane Watson 80.

My father, William Watson, left my son William Watson 20 when he reaches 21. I now give that amount to my son when he reaches that age.

To my son William 160 when he reaches 21. Should he die before then, then I give to my daughter Jane, 50.

To my wife Jane Watson an annuity of 4. Also the house called Dibb House, now occupied by William Atkinson. Should she remarry then I only give her one guinea.

All legacies chargeable to my estate at East End, now occupied by Thomas Watson.

To my son Joseph Watson, whom I appoint Executor, my copyhold estate, and the residue of my goods and chattels and personal estate, chargeable with an annuity of 10 to my son William until he reaches 21.

Witnesses : William Atkinson, William Renton, Joseph Renton





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