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George Clarkson - 5th January 1768 - Q034

Knaresborough, Blacksmith

All my real estate in Birstwith, Township of Clint, that I am entitled to on reversion at the death of Jane Hardisty, wife of Peter Hardisty, to my wife Elizabeth Clarkson and my friends John Headlam Mason and Richard Cass, Flax dressers, both of Knaresborough, In Trust to sell after the death of Jane and to give that amount to my son George Clarkson and my daughter Mary Clarkson, once they reach 21. should they both die before then, then the same to my son John Clarkson when he reaches 21. My wife is to receive interest on the money, before it is payable, for the upkeep of my three children.

All my goods, chattels and personal estate to my wife, who, along with my two friends I appoint Executors and Guardians of my children.

Witnesses : Cowling Ackroyd, William Buck, Benjamin Reed

Inrolled 20th February 1768





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