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Elizabeth Hardisty - 21st December 1767 - Q039

Knaresborough, Widow

My land at Brig Field to my two sisters Eleanor Young and Jane Marshall.

At their death the land to be sold and divided amongst my nephew Joshua Nursaw, and the children of my nephew Richard Nursaw, named, Thomas Nursaw, Richard Nursaw and Frances Ann Nursaw. In the case of the children the money is to be invested until they reach 21.

To Frances my silver tankard.

To Jane Nursaw, daughter of my nephew Thomas Nursaw my silver cup.

To my sisterís maid Hannah a suit of my clothes, and the remainder of my clothing to my sisters.

I nominate my nephew Joshua and Elizabeth Nursaw, wife of my nephew Richard, as Executors.

Witnesses : Mary Stephenson, William Patrick, Mary Walker

Codicil - 9th May 1768

At the death of my sisters, my land left to them to go to my nephew to go to my Executors Joshua and Elizabeth, In Trust to sell and divide the money as in my Will.

Witnesses : Robert Webster, William Bateson, Rowland Walker

Inrolled 27th October 1768





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