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Richard Guisley - 15th March 1770 - Q054

Knaresborough, Glover

To my wife Ann Guisley the household furniture, &c.

My burgage house in Kirkgate, Knaresborough, occupied by me, and all other burgage house in Knaresborough, to my friends James Beckwith and Christopher Norris, both of Knaresborough, Upon Trust; Also all my personal estate (less that given to my wife), to dispose and place at interest :

I give an annuity of 1 to my wife.

Residue of interest to my son John Guisley. At his death the principal sum, less the annuity, to my grandsons William Guisley, John Guisley, and Benjamin Guisley.

My waste building in Kirkgate, Knaresborough, to my wife and at her death to my son John.

Witnesses : Metcalf Graham Steel, Francis Bedford

Probate 19th April 1809. Effects under 200.

Admon Bond for 300 - 19th April 1809

John Guisley of Knaresborough, Yeoman

Thomas Layfield of Knaresborough, Tailor

William Pickard of Knaresborough, Carpenter

The executors James Beckwith and Christopher Norris being deceased.





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