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Ellen Dickinson - 18th October 1771 - R007

Bilton with Harrogate, Widow

To my sister Mary Battson and my brother William Godfrey a bed, bolster, and pillow. At my sisters death, the same to her granddaughter Mary Flawest.

To my sister Alice Lupton my bed gown and hat.

To my niece Ann Dobson, two white aprons, a black hood and a brown gown.

To my niece Ann and to Jane Dobson, the wife of Roger Dobson, my linen head cloth.

To Jane Dobson, two cloaks and my silver buckles.

To Elizabeth Cooper, wife of John Cooper, my black gown and check apron.

To my niece Elizabeth Flawest, my petticoat, the silk and muslin handkerchiefs, and my black hood.

To my niece Martha Foster, my white muslin handkerchiefs and chequered apron.

To my niece Mary Pullan, a pair of stays, a black gown, two linen and wool petticoats, and my stained cloak.

To Ellen Dobson, daughter of Roger, two silver teaspoons, and a black solk handkerchief.

To John Dobson, a brown silk handkerchief, also a blue and white handkerchief.

To Ann Dobson and Ellen Dobson, daughters of John Dobson, two silver teaspoons each.

I wish to be buried in the churchyard at Knaresborough where my husband William Dickinson now lies, and my name written on the same stone.

If any writings remain between my brother, William, and my brother-in-law, William Lupton, then they should be destroyed so that no dispute between them exists any longer.

The residue of my estate to John and Roger Dobson, whom I appoint Executors.

Witnesses : William Hobson, Francis Bayles





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