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Peter Hansell - 4th March 1772 - R010

Reading, Berkshire, Gentleman

I request burial in the Parish Church of St Lawrence, Reading.

My copyhold house and lands in Knaresborough, and all my personal estate, to my friends Thomas Hallifax of Reading, Apothecary, and David Blissett of Reading, Grocer, In Trust to sell and apply the profit as below :

£2 2s for a ring for my late wife’s sister Elizabeth.

Money for mourning to my servant Grace Mount, as seen fit by my daughter.

If, after paying all my debts &c, there remains more than £600, then, to apply £300 for the benefit of my natural son Peter by my late servant Frances Slaughter, deceased, and the residue to my daughter Elizabeth Hansell, spinster.

If there remains less than £600, then half to go for the benefit of my son Peter, and half to my daughter Elizabeth.

The money for my son to be placed at interest for his maintenance and education until he reaches 21, the principal sum then transferred to him.

Until my property is sold then my son Peter is to receive an annuity of £10 for his maintenance &c.

Witness : William Stevenson

Inrolled 7th May 1772





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