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Leonard Marshall - 28th May 1772 - R011

Knaresborough, Gentleman

My house and land in Tadcaster to my nephew Captain William Marshall, second son of my brother Edward Marshall and in tail to his children. If he has no male children, then the same to the male children of my nephew Edward Marshall, son of my brother James Plaxton Marshall. And if he has no male children then the same to the daughters of my nephews Edward and James.

To my nephews William Barker of Redhall, and William Rowe of London, Apothecary, the 400 due to me on Bond from Oliver Coghill, Esq.

To my nephew Robert Hargreaves 200 due to me on Bond from Mr Hodgson and Mr Suttel, both of York, when he reaches 21.The interest until that time to be used for his maintenance and education.

To my sister Jane Marshall, my nieces, Elizabeth Barker and Dorothy Barker, and my goddaughter Elizabeth Barker, the daughter of my nephew William Barker, 100 due to me on Bond from Mr Atkinson and Mr Robinson, both of Bradford, and 300 due to me on Bond from Mr William Hucks of Knaresborough.

The residue of my personal estate to my nephews William Marshall and William Barker and appoint them executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Richardson, Mary Thompson, Francis Bedford





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