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Thomas Boldison - 23rd March 1773 - R024

Killinghall, Parish of Ripley, Innkeeper

To my nephew Thomas Boldison of Killinghall, Blacksmith, my real estate in Killinghall, now occupied by me, at the death of my wife Catherine Boldison, chargeable with my legacies.

To the children of my niece Ann Stelling, 5 each.

To Jane Shepherd 20.

To Ann Stelling of old Thirsk my real estate of land, tan yards, housing and other buildings in old Thirsk. At her death the same to be sold and the profit divided amongst her children..

To my nephew William Boldison of Harwood 1.

I appoint my wife Executrix and John Strother as Trustee.

At the death of my wife all my furniture and chattels to go to my four nieces, Catherine Vevers, Elizabeth Vevers, Ann Stelling, and Jane Shepherd.

Witnesses : John Strother, Thomas Simpson, John Williamson

Inrolled 29th April 1773





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