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Mary Bentley - 14th January 1773 - R033

Pannal, Widow

To my grandchildren, children of my late daughter Stables, 5 each.

To my daughter Penelope all my household goods and furniture.

To Thomas Coupland of Aisenby, Gentleman, and William Wailes of Northallerton, Gentleman, 20 to invest and the interest to go to my son Robert Bentley, and at his death the principal sum to go to his Executors.

If my son Robert chooses to keep house then the 20 to go to him to buy furniture.

By Indenture 10th April 1765 between myself, Mary Bentley of Pannal, widow of George Bentley of the 1st part, William Bentley of Pannal, Gentleman, eldest son and heir of George Bentley, of the 2nd part, Robert Bentley, Gentleman, younger son of George Bentley, of the 3rd part, and Edward Bears of Follifoot, Gentleman of the 4th part, I have authority, in case my son Robert dies before reaching 21 or does not have children, to dispose of 500 as I wish, the money being raised from the lands in the aforementioned Indenture.

This to be equally shares amongst the children of my son Robert. If no issue then :

200 to my daughter Penelope.

300 to Thomas Coupland and William Wailes, Upon Trust to invest, and the interest to go to my daughter Anna Bears, wife of Edward. At her death the principal sum to go to the use of her Will. If no such provision made then the sum to go to my daughter Penelope, and should she die under 21 without issue, then In Trust to pay 20 each to the children of my daughter Stables.

The residue of this Trust money to go to my son Robert, or his children if already deceased.

Witnesses : Leonard Buck, Mary Buck





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