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John Banks - 22nd May 1773 - R036

Plompton, Gardener

To my wife Mary Banks the house in Scriven with Tentergate, now occupied by Thomas Jackson, also enough furniture from my house that my friends George Gill of Knaresborough, Grocer, and Richard Simpson of Scriven with Tentergate, consider sufficient to furnish a room for her.

To my friends George and Richard the house in Scriven with Tentergate, after the death of my wife, together with my other house there, now occupied by James Geldard, also the remainder of my household goods, less my clothes, Upon Trust :

To sell my personal estate, invest, and pay an annuity to my wife of 2s 6d per week (or more if they find it necessary to do so).

At her death the above house to go to my granddaughters, Elizabeth Scott and Mary Scott, and on further Trust to pay each of them 20 when my grandson, John Leonard Cape, reaches 21.

My clothes to my grandson John.

My Trustees, whom I appoint as Executors, to ensure my grandson is apprenticed and to pay him sufficient funds for his maintenance.

I give two guineas each to my Trustees.

The residue of my estate to my grandson John on reaching 21.

Witnesses : Thomas Collins, Peter Pounthwaite, M G Steele

Inrolled 2nd February 1774





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