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John Tuton - 17th May 1771 - R039

Knaresborough, Linen Weaver

To my brother Richard Tuton 1,200 Upon Trust to invest for my sons Richard Tuton, John Tuton, Thomas Tuton, and my daughters Mary Tuton, Elizabeth Tuton, and Ann Tuton, and to be paid in equal shares when they reach 21.

The interest of the 1,200 to be used for the maintenance and education of my children, and the placing of my sons in some profession or trade.

Residue of my personal estate to my wife Ann Tuton.

Witnesses : Robert Clark, Richard Green

Codicil - 20th May 1771

If my children die before reaching 21 then the interest on the 1,200 to go to my wife.

600, being part of the 1,200, to go to my wife, and within three months of her death 300 to go to my brother Thomas Tuton, and the remaining 300 to my brother Richard.

Witnesses : Robert Clark, Francis Bedford

Inrolled 18th May 1774





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