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Oliver Coghill - 11th November 1774 - R043

Coghill Hall, Esquire

To my wife 500. Also my linen, household goods, &c, ns all my liquor in my London house.

By virtue of the marriage settlement, my daughter and only child, Jane Coghill, will, on marriage or reaching 21, receive a considerable fortune. I now confirm that settlement. By that settlement I am entitled to dispose of 4,000 as I wish. I now give that sum to my wife.

At the death of my wife I give to my daughter the residue of my estate.

Should my daughter die before reaching 21 then the residue of my estate to my brother Marmaduke Cramer.

I appoint my wife and brother guardian of my daughter, and appoint my wife Executrix.

To my brother Marmaduke 100.

To my sister Catherine Smyth 30.

To John Harrison, collector of ?? in Ireland, 30.

To Rev John Hudson, 30.

To Robert Hucks, Esq., 10.

To ? Kelly, Esq., 5.

Witnesses : Thomas Lamplugh, James Collins, junior, Martin Richardson

Codicil - 11th November 1774

To my wife [still un-named!] the tithes now farmed by Duffield Scarah, Edward Leaf, John Wood and John Metcalf at the rent of 14 per annum, Upon Trust to sell to my brother John Cramer. If he chooses not to purchase hen the money to sink into my personal estate.

Witnesses : Mary Lamplugh, Elizabeth Hopkins, James Collins, junior

Probate 29th November 1774





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