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John Barker - 8th April 1773 - R046

Knaresborough, Shoemaker

All my customary and leasehold real estate in Knaresborough and household goods to my wife Elizabeth Barker.

Should my personal estate be not enough to pay my debts then my copyhold property in the High Street, now occupied by Thomas Barugh, William Benson, George Blades, and Thomas Jackson to my wife In Trust to sell and settle my debts. Residue of sale money to be invested in the name of my executors and the interest paid to my wife. At the death of my wife, the principal sum to be called in and paid to my son Philip Barker.

If my personal estate is sufficient to settle my debts then the above same property, plus the property at Wormwood Hill, to my son Philip.

At the death of my wife my property, now occupied by my son-in-law, William Milner, and the property now occupied by Ann Surr, to my daughter Jane Milner, wife of William. At her death the same to my granddaughter Elizabeth Milner.

Also at the death of my wife, my house in which I now live, plus the house occupied by John Wilson, to my son John Barker, and requesting that he does not sell or mortgage it. I give him my tools of trade and stock in trade.

I acquit my son Philip and my son-in-law William of any monies due to me in arrears of rent.

I appoint my wife and my two sons as Executors.

Witnesses : John Simpson, John Turnbull, Will Stockdale

Inrolled 29th March 1775.

Memorial of Will registered at Wakefield in the Registry of Deeds in Book BX Page 309 Number 440





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