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Charles Baxter - 3rd November 1775 - S006

Meagill, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

Whereas I own three-fifths of a copyhold house and land, known as Geldard Fields, Pott, Low Fold, Syke, Hill Field, Wheat Close, Laith Close, Intack, Brine Close, and Low Intack I give these to Francis Elingworth, Margaret Smithson, and their sister, being the children of William Elingworth.

To Ann Nettleton, daughter of Elizabeth Nettleton, my Copyhold land which was left to me by my uncle Thomas Stead, and known as Barley Field, and Broad Field, along with the Brow Hill Field, Black Close, Calf Garth, Great Ing, Little Ing, along with a share of the fold and buildings. Chargeable with 50 to her brother John Gill when he reaches 21.

To Joshua Yeadon of Meagill, and James Watson of Scevel House, whom I appoint as Executors, my copyhold lands I purchased from George Hardisty, and now occupied by William Barber. Also my personal estate. Both chargeable with :

250 to James Watson, my Executor.

250 to Jonathan Burgess of Dacre Pasture, Linen Weaver.

An annuity of 4 to Thomas Hardcastle of Darley. One year after his death, his daughter Margaret Hardcastle to receive 100.

20 each to the two children of William Ibetson of Dacre Banks.

20 to George Barber of Spinksburn.

20 to Susannah Parker , daughter of George Barber.

30 each to Hannah Rhodes, Isaac Rhodes, and Isabel Rhodes, the children of Christopher Rhodes, when they reach 21.

12 to Stephen Gill the son of John Gill of Beamsley.

12 to John Ellis the son of John Ellis.

2s 6d to Nicholas Hardcastle.

2s 6d to any person who may have legal claim against my estate.

Witnesses : Ann Swain, Nancy Jackson, William Pullan

Inrolled 7th February 1776





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