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Timothy Ellil - 25th August 1774 - S017

Brame Lane, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

My house and outbuildings and closes, at Brame Lane, now occupied by Christopher Smith, together with my personal estate, goods and chattels, to my nephews John Pullan and William Swires, whom I appoint Executors, chargeable with :

1s to my niece Mary Ellil, and 1s each to her two daughters.

33 to my brother-in-law John Ellil of Otley, Butcher.

33 each to my nephews Francis Pullan, Henry Pullan, Thomas Pullan, and William Hill.

33 each to my nieces Sarah Ward, Mary Toulson, Ellenor Grange, Ann Horsman, and Alice Slinger.

Witnesses : William Watson, Thomas Watson, William Pullan

Inrolled 2nd May 1776





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