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Mary Bickerdike - 9th March 1776 - S019

Knaresborough, Widow of Thomas Bickerdike, late of Otley, Surgeon

All my Freehold property at Farnham, occupied by John Tasker, John Wardman, Levett Pallister, and Tobias Robinson, also my Freehold estate at Burton Leonard, occupied by Peter Wells, also my Freehold and Copyhold property at Bishop Monkton, occupied by Peter Wells, to my daughter Elizabeth Bickerdike (now aged 8) when she reaches 21.

All this property I invest Upon Trust to my friends James Collins the younger, of Bondend, Knaresborough, Gentleman, and Joshua Oldfield of York, Wine Merchant, and apply the income for the maintenance and education of my daughter, and to settle my legacies.

Should my daughter die, without issue, before she reaches 21, then my estates to be sold and the income divided :

100 to Jane Oldfield, the eldest daughter of Joshua.

Residue of money into three shares :

One share equally amongst John Scarah, Ann Scarah, and Thomas Scarah, the three children of my deceased sister Ann Scarah, wife of Nicholas Scarah of Ripon, Gentleman.

One half-share to my sister Dorothy Oastler. If she should die before inheriting, then the same to the three children above.

One half-share equally amongst the children of my sister Frances Tuton, wife of Thomas Tuton of Knaresborough, Merchant, and Simon Weaver.

One share amongst the children of my sister Frances.

To my sister Dorothy [named item of furniture].

My mother, Ann Oastler, left her furniture equally between myself and my sister Dorothy; she may now have my share.

To my servant Rose Chapman 10, mourning apparel, and any other clothes my sister Dorothy chooses to give her.

All my securities to my Trustees, In Trust. They are to receive 50 each for their trouble; this to be increased by a further 50 should my daughter die before reaching 21.

Witnesses : Mary Featherstone, James Lamb junior, Robert Hodgson

Registered at Wakefield in the Registry of Deeds 1st July 1776 Book BZ [?] Page 87 Number 125

[This is a long and complicated Will with many provisions that Ive not mentioned Suggest you read for yourself]





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