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William Simpson - 31st August 1776 - S027

Felliscliffe, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Gentleman

To my son John Simpson my real estate at Rawden Lane, occupied by John Carr, also the real estate at Timble, Parish of Fewston, occupied by John Ward.

To my son William Simpson an annuity of 30, and after his death 10 for is wife in case she should survive him., chargeable to my estate at Rawden Lane.

To my son John my real estate at Gilshorn, occupied by Robert Ellis. Also the house in the High Street, Knaresborough, occupied by John Walker; chargeable with an annuity of 8 to my sister Mary Sharp. Also the estate at Birstwith, occupied by John Smith, chargeable with an annuity of 8 to my daughter Dorinda Bramley, wife of Marmaduke Bramley, and 100, at her death, to her children.

To my servant Hannah Rumfitt an annuity of 2, chargeable to the estate at Birstwith.

To my son William the house and land at Felliscliffe where I now live, and at his death the same to my grandson John Simpson, who is to pay an annuity of 5 to his mother Ann Simpson.

To my son William the land adjoining that of Timothy Scaife which is near the Long Lane in Felliscliffe. Also all the residue of my goods and chattels. I appoint him Executor.

Witnesses : William Andrew, Henry Simpson, John Smith

Inrolled 4th September 1776





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