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Samuel Medley - 29th December 1776 - S031

Birstwith, Paris of Hampsthwaite, Collier

To my wife Ann Medley my cottage at Birstwith, now occupied by Mary Fairburn.

At her death, the same to my nephew Samuel Medley, son of my brother William Medley, chargeable with : 5 to my brother Michael Medley.5 to my nephew Samuel, son of my brother Michael. 2 to my niece Jane Atkinson, daughter of my brother William.

To my niece Hannah Groves, 1, and I order my brother William to see that this is spent on clothes for her.

All my clothes to my brother Michael. Also my clock and case should he come to work as a coal miner at Swarcliffe and live in that area. At his death the clock to go to my nephew Samuel, son of Michael.

Residue of my personal estate to my wife.

Any personal estate remaining after the death of my wife, to go to my three nieces Mary Groves, Hannah Groves, and Jane Lowry, daughters of my sister Rosamond.

I appoint my brother William and my wife as Executors.

Witnesses : John Simpson, Mary Gill, William Bramley

Proved 29th January 1777.

Inventory 18th January 1777 by John Umpleby, John Simpson, Marmaduke Bramley, and Thomas Simpson, available.





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