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Thomas Hall - 1st June 1776 - S036

Thornthwaite, Yeoman

To Thomas Hall, son of Matthew Hall, late of Foulshaw Lane, my real estate at Menwith Hill, now occupied by William Pullein, [6 acres 22 perches see attached plan] bounded W by road leading to Bramham Lane, S by property of Isaac Groves, E by another part of my lands, and N by my old inclosures, chargeable with the following legacies.

To Henry Irish, son of John Irish, late of Fewston, and to Ann Irish, his sister, 20 each.

To John Irish of Blandhill, 10.

To George Walker, 10, and to his sister Jane Lifes, 5.

To Mary Irish, daughter of Matthew Irish, late of Otley, 5.

To Robert Irish and his brother Samuel Irish, 5 each.

To Jane Randal, 2.

To Hannah Petty, wife of John Petty, 10.

To John Holmes, son of Francis Holmes, 5.

To John Holmes, son of the aforementioned John Holmes, 25.

To Sarah Holmes, daughter of John, 5.

To Jane Hall, 4, and her children, 2 each.

To Peter Hall, 4.

To John Peart, 1.

To Jonathan Peart, 3.

To Robert Jubb, and his son James Jubb, 3 each.

To Sarah Smith, wife of John Smith, 1.

To Ann King of Bewerley, 10, and to her daughter, Esther King, 10, also to John King and William King, 2 each.

To the sisters of John King, Ann King and Margaret King, 2 each.

To Rosamond Snow, daughter of Joseph Snow, 1.

To Mary Hardacre, 2.

To the Rev Johnson, 3.

To Mary Bake, daughter of Joseph Bake, 3.

To Elizabeth Benson, widow of Peter Benson, and her two children, 10s.

To Elizabeth Holmes, widow of Andrew Holmes, 1.

To Judith Holmes, 1.

To Sarah Umpleby, wife of John Umpleby, 1.

To John Woodhead, son of John Woodhead, 1.

To Tom Pullein, my tenant, 2.

To Hannah Hardisty, widow of Robert Hardisty, and her sister Dorothy Hardisty, 1 each.

To David Hardisty, son of Hannah Hardisty, 1.

To the sons of Matthew Irish, 1 each.

To Sarah Hall, daughter of Peter Hall, 3.

To Sarah Holmes, daughter of Francis Holmes, my house at Thornthwaite where I now live, along with the closes called Buffin, Great Ing, Cross Close, Lea Close, Wood Close, Great Ealand, Little Ealand, Intack Close. Also South Field at Menwith Hill, bounded S by land of Joseph Spence, E by property of Richard Proctor, and W by the land I have devised to Thomas Hall.

To Anna Holmes, daughter of Francis Holmes, the house called Heights, at Thornthwaite, with the three closes called House Close, Well Close and East Close. Also another close at Menwith Hill, called North Field, bounded S by South Field, already devised to her sister Sarah.

To John Holmes the 10 which he owes me.

Residue of my personal estate, goods and chattels, to Francis Holmes, and his two daughters Sarah and Anna, paying 10s to Thomas Hall, son of Matthew Hall, and appoint them Executors.

Witnesses : William Buck, Francis Thackray, Thomas Stubb

Inrolled 2nd April 1777.

Coloured plan/map attached to Will.





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