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Edward Yeates - 22nd February 1774 - T001

Padside, Yeoman

To my wife Elizabeth Yeates my house at Padside in which I now live. At her death the same to my nephew William Day of Menwith Hill.

To my nephew William my copyhold real estate at Padside. Also Abbot Close at Dacre, chargeable with :

An annuity of 20 to my wife.

200 to my niece Hannah Day.

20 to my cousin John Wigglesworth.

20 to Catharine Tilletson.

20 to Elizabeth Petty, the wife of William Petty.

20 to Hannah Tulley, the wife of John Tulley.

All my household contents to my wife, also 30 two months after my death, and a further 110 after one year. These amounts chargeable to my estate at Padside.

To my nephew William and my friend Peter Buck of New House, Dacre Pasture, my real estate at Dacre Pasture along with the nine beastgates. Also 140 between them.

Residue of my personal estate to my nephew William, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : Christopher Benson, Robert Holmes, James Rawling

Codicil - 26th December 1775

A further 50 to my wife one year after my death.

Inrolled 8th October 1777





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