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George Clarkson - 26th February 1776 - T005

Hampsthwaite, Blacksmith

To my grandson William Bramley, during the life of my daughter Ann Bramley, widow, an annuity of £3, chargeable to my freehold property in Huby, now occupied by William Farrah, after the death of myself and my wife, Ellen Clarkson.

All my real estate in Huby to my daughter Ann.

At her death the same to my grandson William, chargeable with :

To my nephews and nieces, children of my sister Rachael Holmes, deceased, my nephew William Clarkson and his sister Ellen Clarkson, the children of my late nephew George Clarkson, deceased, each the sum of £4. Should any die before their legacy becomes due the their share is to sink into the estate for the benefit of my grandson William.

£20 each to my grandson Marmaduke Bramley, my granddaughters Mary Clarkson and Ann Clarkson. Payable after the death of my daughter Ann.

To my wife Ellen the house in which I now live, and at her death the same to my daughter Ann.

To my daughter Ann the garth and adjoining close, now occupied by John Smith, in Hampsthwaite. Also the allotment in Felliscliffe of 2a 1r 10p, and the adjoining allotment of 32p.

To my wife all my household goods, and at her death the same to my daughter Ann (except my blacksmith’s tools which I give to my Executor).

To my wife and her brother William Ridsdale each and annuity of 20s.

All my real estate at Hampsthwaite, now occupied by Joseph Houseman and Elizabeth Ridsdale, widow, and all other property not already given, to my grandson William Bramley. Also my interest in the property at Birstwith which, by Surrender 17th November 1772, by John Umpleby to me by way of securing a Mortgage for £180, In Trust to resurrender to John Umpleby on repayment of the principal sum.

All my personal estate to my grandson William Bramley.

Witnesses : Richard Lund, William Askwith

Proved 13th August 1777   -   Inrolled 27th August 1777





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