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Joseph Spence - 15th November 1769 - T028

Menwith cum Darley

To my wife Grace Spence an annuity of 8, also to be allowed to use the cow rooms in the cross building or heckling shop, also [named items].

To my son Robert Spence my copyhold estate, except the cross building and heckling shop.

To my son John Spence, at the death of my wife, the cow rooms in the cross building, also 300.

To my daughter Grace Dowgill, wife of John Dowgill, 200.

To my daughter Sarah Spence, 200.

To my daughter Rachel Spence 200.

To my brother Abraham Spence an annuity of 20s.

Residue of my estate to my sons Robert and John, whom I appoint Executors.

Witnesses : Robert Crosby, William Metcalfe, Thomas Parker

Inrolled 24th February 1779





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