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John Rhodes - 5th September 1780 - T044

Timble Great, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

I appoint William Jeffrey of Timble Great, and my brother Christopher Rhodes of Lindley as Trustees.

To my wife Elizabeth Rhodes an annuity of 4. Also the parlour to live in and all the household furniture. Also 10s for the education of my son John Rhodes.

To my daughter Sarah Boulton, the wife of William Boulton of Fewston, 25. 20 being payable immediately and the remaining 5 when my son Christopher Rhodes becomes 21.

To my daughter Mary Fewsdale, wife of Abraham Fewsdale, 15 when my son Christopher reaches 21.

To my son Christopher all my real and personal estate, and appoint him executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Addy, Andrew Shires, Andrew Davidson

Inrolled 15th November 1780.

Inventory 3rd November 1780 by William Pullan, William Jeffrey, Francis Shepherd, and William Robinson, is available.

Admon Bond of 15th November also available





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