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William Wade - 5th January 1781 - U011

Parish of Pannal, Yeoman

To my son John Wade my estate near Pannal, now occupied by William Emsley. Also the two closes called Thompson Close and Paddock, with the house and barn, adjoining the estate above, and now occupied by William Wade. Also the close at Lanehead Green at Pannal being 2a and now occupied by William Wade.

To my two daughters, Agnes Prockter, the wife of Bryan Prockter, and Charlotta Webster, the wife of William Webster, my copyhold estate at Whitewall, hamlet of Felliscliffe, with an allotment of 26a nearby, and now occupied by John Scaife.

To my three grandchildren Elizabeth Fryar, Annabella Fryar, and Ann Fryar, the children of my daughter Annabella Fryar, late wife of the Rev William Fryar, 150, payable to my executors, that is 50 each when they each reach 21. The interest on the capital sum to be used for their maintenance.

The residue of my estate to my son William Wade together with my allotment near Cold Bath within Pannal, and appoint him executor.

Witnesses : Isaac Forrest, Joseph Demaine, John Robinson

Inrolled 26th March 1783






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