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William Holmes - 12th November 1782 - U016

West Gate in Thornthwaite, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

The ancient building, in which I now reside, with the two barns and several closes called Moorhouse Hill Close, Low Close, Long Cross, Little Close, Davy Garth, and Pig Garth, all at Thornthwaite, to my son William Holmes chargeable with the following legacies.

To my daughters Mary Steel, wife of Thomas Steel, and Susannah Benson, wife of Joseph Benson, 35 each.

To my daughter Elizabeth Holmes 65.

To my daughter Rebekah Holmes 65 when she reaches 21.

The allotment lately enclosed from Knaresborough Forest Common and now divided up into several closes, 13a 2r 18p, near to West Slade, in the township of Thruscross, and also the two closes at Padside with the barn and buildings, which were surrendered by my late father Zaccharias Holmes, to my son John Holmes, chargeable with the following annuity and legacies.

To my wife Rebekah Holmes an annuity of 6.

To my daughters Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth, and Rebekah a further 35 each.

The beastgate on Dacre Pasture to my son John, also a loom and equipment.

To my daughter Elizabeth a further 2.

To my wife a further annuity of 2 until my daughter Rebekah reaches 21.

My wife and daughter Rebekah to live in my house and be allowed to milk two of my cows.

Residue of my estate and effects to my sons William and John, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : William Petty, William Snow, Joseph Ellis






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