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James Cundall - 13th May 1774 - U026

Knaresborough, Gentleman

All my real estate at Thorp Underwood and Bishop Monkton to my uncle-in-law Francis Bedford, In Trust, to sell and apply the money as mentioned below.

All my household goods, furniture and personal estate to Duffield Scarah, Dennis Keighley, and Francis Bedford, Upon Trust, to sell and apply the money as directed below.

Trustees to dive the money into four parts :

One share to my wife Ann Cundall.

Three shares to be invested at interest. The interest to be divided amongst my children, James Cundall, Richard Cundall, and Ann Cundall when they reach 21.

Witnesses : John Simpson, William Benson, Benjamin Mason

Registered at Wakefield 11th January 1782 in Book CL [Maybe East Lancs] Page 67 No. 89






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