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Samuel Reynard - 3rd July 1783 - U027

Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

All my real estate in Thornthwaite, and Padside, and Menwith, and Darley, now occupied by William Wigglesworth, to Joseph Ellis of Thornthwaite, Joiner, chargeable with my debts and legacies.

To my niece Alice Ragg of Pateley Bridge, Widow, £38.

To my niece Mary Buck, wife of John Buck of Thornthwaite, £38.

To Robert Petty, William Petty, Thomas Petty, and Mary Petty, children of my late niece Sarah Petty, £9 10s each.

To Samuel Medley, Jane Medley, Hannah Medley, and Mary Medley, children of my late niece Mary Medley, £9 10s each.

To my niece Christian Bradley of Hartwith, Widow, £38.

To George Wright from whom I bought my lands and premises, £5.

To Isabel Clark daughter of Joseph Clark, late of Thirsk, deceased, £2 2s.

To Ann Gill, wife of Stephen Gill of Darley, and Ann Myers who now lives with him, £1 1s each.

Whereas George Wright, late of Padside, deceased, by his Will dated about 1748 gave to his daughter Hannah Beckwith, then wife of Thomas Beckwith, after the death of her mother, an annuity of 25s, and at her death £30 to each of her children then living. These were all charged to my land. Whereas Hannah is still living and I have already paid £10 to John Beckwith, son of Hannah, Christopher Sanderson and Hannah Sanderson, his wife, John Varley, and Jane Varley, his wife, Hannah and Jane being daughters of Hannah Beckwith, and David Beckwith and Sarah Beckwith, two other children of Hannah. Whereas I have also lent £4 10s to David Beckwith. Whereas Sarah Beckwith disappeared about seven years ago. If Joseph Ellis is unable to find her to pay her share [ I’ve “lost the plot” here….suggest you read Will for yourself ]

All my personal estate and effects to Joseph Ellis, whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : William Holmes, Robert Demaine, William Snow

Inrolled 21st July 1784






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